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‘Water’ is the overarching theme of Foto Festival Naarden.


The Photojournalism Discussion Group participates in the off-festival, which is held simultaneously with the Foto Festival Naarden. The group consists of approximately 35 leisure photographers, each of whom was asked to submit three photos showing their take on the theme ‘Water’. The 30 best photos will be on exhibit. Important selection criteria are: the documentary or ‘narrative’ value of the photo and the angle/originality.


Dates: 14 May - 21 June. For more info:




Foto Nationaal is a photo contest of the Dutch Photo League. Sixteen series, including mine called ‘Over’, are selected for a traveling exhibition throughout the Netherlands during the period from October 2014 until April 2015.


Grand Opening: 4th October 2014 at 14:30 hours in 'Twents Techniekmuseum Heim' in Hengelo.




september 2014



05/2015 Group Expo Photo Journalism Group, Festival-OFF, Photofestival Naarden - Stadskantoor, Naarden

10/2014 Group Expo Foto Nationaal 2014 - Hengelo, Kampen, Beek (L), Zeist, Breda, Delft

06/2013 Duo - Muziekschool, Heiloo

06/2012 Group Expo Collectief Contour, KunstRoute - Handelsweg 18, Heiloo

11/2011 Group Expo Collectief Contour, Jaar van de Vrijwilliger - Gemeentehuis, Heiloo

11/2011 Group Expo Foto Nationaal 2011 - Rotterdam, Goes, Almere, Hengelo, Epe, Veendam, Beek (L), Veldhoven

07/2011 Group Expo Collectief Contour, Jaar van de Vrijwilliger - Trefpunt, Heiloo

07/2011 Group Expo Collectief Contour - RCO De Hoofdzaak, Alkmaar

06/2011 Group Expo Collectief Contour, Kunst6daagse - GGZ, Heiloo

04/2011 Group Expo Collectief Contour, Jaar van de Vrijwilliger - Openbare bibliotheek, Heiloo

12/2010 Group Expo Collectief Contour - Galerie De Kunststelling, Alkmaar

09/2010 Group Expo Collectief Contour, Open Museumdagen - Fort Spijkerboor, West Beemster

04/2009 Group Expo Collectief Contour - Galerie Artfarm, Heerhugowaard

05/2006 Group Expo Foto Morgana - Gezondheidscentrum Hoep Zuid, Schagen

02/2006 Group Expo Foto Morgana - Het Slot, Schagen




09/2014 Selection Foto Nationaal 2014

11/2011 Landelijke Journalistiek Groep (Photojournalism Discussion Group)

09/2011 Selection Foto Nationaal 2011

02/2011 Kandidaat Bondsmeesterklasse Fotobond (valid until 2013)

02/2010 Aspirant Bondsmeesterklasse Fotobond (valid until 2012)

11/2006 Foto Individueel, 1st voorronde afdelingen

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